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“Advertisements have affected my life since childhood in many ways. Seeing these ads got me curious, ‘how can people buy all these cigarettes and liquor instead of fresh produce?’ So I decided to take part as one of the five food leaders to serve the best for my community for best healthy life.” -Michelle Huynh Tran, Tenderloin resident.

News and Events:

  • See the Coalition at this year’s Tenderloin Sunday Streets on July 10th, 11am-4pm!
    Come find us on Ellis Street between Leavenworth and Jones Streets (by Glide)!!!
    Learn about our work, meet the Food Justice Leaders, and recieve giveaways and prizes!
  • “When communities don’t have access to nutritious, affordable food, it is extremely difficult to be healthy and extremely easy to develop diseases like diabetes.”
    -from this article, “REFLECTION: THE JUNK FOOD SYSTEM JUST KILLED ONE OF HIP-HOP’S GREATEST,”  about the late great hip-hop artist Malik “Phife Dawg”  Taylor from the group “A Tribe Called Quest.”    Phife Dawg was among many Americans with diabetes and came from a community where resources and access to healthy foods were not easily available.  The article touches on how little government subsidies are prioritized for healthier foods and those policies created some would call “Food Apartheid.”
  • Come join us at our monthly TLHCS Coalition Meetings = Every 4th Thursdays of the month.  Next meeting: July 28, 2016 3pm – 4pm.  Kelly Cullen Community Auditorium, 2nd Floor,
    ​220 Golden Gate Ave
  • The new 2015 Tenderloin Neighborhood Healthy Shopping Guide  is now available!  for the PDF copy.   Also available in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese!
  • A huge Thank you to all who attended all our events last 2015!  to go to our Facebook Photo Gallery for all the events from 2015!
  • Have you heard of the EatSF voucher program?  Check out this SF Examiner article, “City Offers Vouchers for Fruits, Veggies.”  It features one of the coalition’s Food Justice Leader, Stephen Tennis.   The EatSF vouchers may also be used at Healthy Corner Stores: Radman’s and Amigo’s Markets.   For more info on EatSF,
  • For information on all the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Stores, please visit the Store Conversion Page.
  • For more articles about the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition, please visit the History Page.

Our Mission

The notion of “Food Justice” recognizes that access to healthy and affordable foods is a human right. In the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, the Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition (TLHCSC) believes that access to food is a health equity issue. The communities with the highest incidence of chronic disease and need have the least access to the healthy, fresh and affordable foods themselves. This project, therefore, was implemented to focus a lens on the food process from the farm to the plate, and acknowledges that the Tenderloin district has been marginalized and left out of this process.

The work of the TLHCSC is three-fold:
(1) To train, educate, and empower resident leaders of the Tenderloin to advocate for food justice in their community.
(2) To collect data and information about the availability of fresh and healthy food in the neighborhood, remember cbd oil is alo a major component of your health. evaluate specific ways to improve, and to create standards to measure a healthy food retailer.
(3) To improve the overall community environment by investing in and changing some of the TL’s unhealthiest elements, corner liquor stores, into vital community resources.